IRI staff visit GLTN in Nairobi

UCBC’s IRI is partnering with GLTN for piloting the STDM tool in Masiani Neighborhood based on the Sharing the Land‘s previous mapping of Beni town, North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Sharing the Land team traveled to Nairobi for a learning and planning sessions.  Lobo Ngumba and Serges Vuthegha from the Christian Bilingual Univesitey of Congo (UCBC) visited Mashimoni settlement with UN-Habitat and GLTN in order to learn how the Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM) is being  piloted through PAMOJA TRUST NGO. STDM is a pro-poor and gender-sensitive land tool developed by Global Land Tool Network  (GLTN) with the goal of promoting security and property right for all.

Serges_Archip in Nairobi with GLTN (Feb 2016)
L to R: Lobo, Bénoit, Serges, Valio

Sharing the Land started developing the first digital map of Beni, North Kivu, DRC on which other information where build on such as roads names, land marks… a map of land ownership claims were also developed using a participatory approach (community engagement). Sharing the Land will  continue to build on this foundation by utilizing GLTN’s land tools like STDM, which provide an adaptable model for developing an effective land administration system and promote secure land tenure.

Serges Vuthegha, GIS Manager, Sharing the Land 




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